QuIC’s presence in the Economist’s event “Commercialising Quantum Global Conference”

QuIC would like to take a moment to acknowledge The Economist for organizing the enlightening event Commercialising Quantum Global Conference on May 17th– 18th.  We extend our appreciation to Tanya Suarez, a Member of the QuIC Governing Board and moderator of a panel discussion, for her insightful remarks.



As she aptly stated: Quantum technologies are close to providing substantial value to multiple industries, helping to solve hyper complex problems that affect everything from the optimal design of aircraft wings for reduced energy consumption, to securing communications in an era of unprecedented cybersecurity breaches. Commercialising quantum is a forum that encourages debate and effective interaction between multiple stakeholders. These exchanges are a key contribution to where, when and how quantum will affect our lives


Furthermore, we are delighted that The Economist acknowledged QuIC’s pivotal role, stating, “We were delighted to welcome QuIC once again as a key supporter at the 2nd annual Commercialising Quantum Global conference. Their participation greatly supported attracting a diverse range of participants, including enterprises, SMEs, and startups. Ms. Tanya Suarez did an outstanding job moderating a panel discussion that featured prominent industry players and engaged end-users from the business community. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for their invaluable contribution and look forward to future collaborations.”


Both QuIC and The Economist recognize the significance of collaboration and knowledge sharing in advancing the quantum industry. We are grateful for this fruitful partnership and eagerly anticipate future collaborations that will drive quantum technologies forward.