WG Market Trends & Use Cases


Market Trends & Use Cases

The “Market Trends & Use Cases” Working group engages in the active identification of market trends and use cases that are economically relevant to the European industry. These activities are designed to extend the reach of European QTs, offering ideas of new products and services to companies not yet active in the QT space and possibly expanding the portfolio of current QT players. Outputs from the “Market Trends & Use Cases”  WG will help orient public funding programmes, inform the investment priorities of venture capital firms, and ultimately strengthen the European QT ecosystem.

WG leader

Thomas Strohm

Robert Bosch GmbH


Nicholas Wood



Martin Knufinke


WG Intellectual Property & Trade


Intellectual Property & Trade

The “Intellectual Property & Trade” working group seeks to understand the main challenges and identify solutions to improve the basin of patents and the creation of IP on quantum technologies and related fields in Europe. The group’s output is intended to support the creation of knowledge in Europe and help safeguard the intellectual property of European companies to ensure long-term economic benefits for the region.

WG leader

Erik Visscher

De Vries & Metman

WG co-lead

Jerome Plante Bordeneuve


WG Education



Shaping trainings and education for the quantum-ready workforce of tomorrow

The “Education” working group seeks to address educational needs to enhance Europe’s workforce in the area of quantum technologies. Areas of focus include the identification of skills and gaps in Europe, the development of trainings for current professionals, and influencing educational bodies to best prepare the workforce of tomorrow on quantum technologies.

WG Leader

Araceli Venegas-Gomez


WG Standards



Standards are crucial ingredients to establish emerging markets and ecosystems in a durable manner. The “Standard” working group is the QuIC community forum that will produce the means to identify the needs and common alignments between QuIC members on standards across all quantum technology pillars. This WG will establish the channels of communication and synergistic activities on the identified needs and common viewpoints between the QUIC members and the Standardization Bodies and will create and interchange information for the benefit of its members and EU relevant bodies.


Wolgang Lechner



Homer Papadopoulos

Syndesis LTD

WG Market & Technology Intelligence


Market & Technology Intelligence

The “Market & Technology Intelligence” working group is the QuIC community forum to capture and track the status and progress of quantum technologies in Europe. Understanding the state of the art of Quantum Technologies is critical in identifying emerging markets and ecosystems in a durable manner. This WG will develop a living document capturing the state of the art of the quantum ecosystem and a set of recommendation for the QuIC and feed into the strategic roadmap for Quantum Technologies and identify the requirements for a successful industrial quantum ecosystem across all quantum pillars.

WG Leader

Ziad Melhem

Oxford Quantum Solutions


Anna Kaminska


WG Strategic Industry Roadmap


Strategic Industry Roadmap

The “Strategic Industry Roadmap” working group is responsible for the development of a comprehensive, industry-led roadmap across all four major quantum verticals: computing, communication, metrology & sensing, and enabling technologies. The group consists of a growing number of industry members from across technology sectors and across the European continent. Its primary output, the Strategic Industry Roadmap, will serve as a guide to inform policies, orient government support, extend the European value chain to cover all critical aspects of each quantum vertical.

WG Leader

Johanna Sepulveda


WG Ecosystems



The “Ecosystems” working group brings together the diverse set of quantum communities present in QuIC. The group’s aim is to provide a semi-structured environment in which members can continue to strengthen their own role in the quantum ecosystem, while helping to shape the future of the Quantum Technology Industry in Europe and globally.

WG leader

Tanya Suarez



Carlos Abellan


WG SME and funding


SME and funding

“SME and funding” working group looks at the role of SMEs within the Quantum Ecosystem and sources of funding for the research, development and commercialisation of quantum technologies. The working group will be benchmarking best practices in the creation and support of SMEs and start-ups as well as investigating innovative sources of funding for quantum technologies.

WG leader

Robert Harrison

Sonnenberg Harrison Partnergesellschaft


Enrique Lizaso

Multiverse Computing

WG National Chapters


National Chapters

The “National Chapters” working group focuses on establishing strong, local chapters of QuIC across Europe. Each chapter is composed of selected QuIC members who serve as local points of contact and channels of communication for the association.

WG Leader

Thierry Botter

Executive director