OrganizationPositionLinkLocationDate Added
ClassiqSenior Frontend Developer Israel2023-06-05
Menlo SystemsProject Leader Physicist/Engineer Germany2023-02-02
QbloxAssemblage, Inspectie & Test Engineer Netherlands2023-04-18
Multiverse ComputingBusiness Development / technical sales representative or Manager Canada2023-08-17
PasqalPrincipal Scientist-Quantum Machine Learning Netherlands2023-07-01
AccentureFederal - Quantum Security Crypto-Agility Engineer USA2023-07-18
PasqalGeneral Application for Future PASQAL Amsterdam Opportunities Netherlands2023-09-14
ParityQCQuantum Algorithm Developer Austria2023-03-02
IQMOpen application Germany2023-02-11
DLRTheoretical Physicist, Chemist or Engineer (f/m/x) Germany2023-08-01
QuandelaQuantum Optics Engineer - Single-Photon Sources France2023-08-31
QuandelaSoftware Engineer France2023-03-22
ClassiqAlgorithm Developer Israel2022-03-12
DLRQuantum Computing Researcher (f/m/x) Germany2023-09-04
IQMQuantum Engineer, Characterization & Benchmarking Germany2023-09-18
QuandelaIn-house IP strategist France2023-05-25
PasqalQuantum Error Correction Engineer (QEC) - F/M France2023-04-04
IQMQuantum Engineer, Experiments (m/w/d) Germany2023-09-05
PasqalSoftware Developer Frontend - Cloud Services France2021-11-06
Alice&BobExperimental Quantum Physicist France2022-08-02
MiraexQuantum Engineer (Hardware) Switzerland2022-01-01
Delft CircuitsProject leader Housing and facilities // Projectleider Huisvesting en faciliteiten Netherlands2023-07-05
ParityQCHuman Resources Officer Austria2023-08-23
QuantWareChief of Staff to the CEO Netherlands2023-08-07
QuiX QuantumElectronics Engineer (Control Systems Developer) Netherlands2023-09-11
IQMHR Manager (m/d/f) Germany2023-08-14
LIGENTECCH – Process Technician (Job ID 2327-PT) Switzerland2023-09-04
QnamiTest and Assembly Engineer (m/w/d) Switzerland2023-08-07
Quantum FuturesQuantum Application Engineer USA2023-09-15
Zurich InstrumentsApplication Scientist Quantum Technologies - Germany Germany2021-10-11
LIGENTECSenior Design Engineer - Integrated Photonics (ID 2326) France2023-08-23
DLRPhysicist, Chemist, Process Engineer (f/m/x) Germany2023-07-28
Quantum FuturesQuantum Sensor Developer Germany2023-09-06
Zurich InstrumentsField Application Engineer Quantum Technology - South Korea South Korea2021-12-11
QuandelaQuantum Error Correction Scientist France2023-05-25
Alice&BobSuperconducting Qubit Nanofabrication Engineer France2023-07-28
Alice&BobSpontaneous Application France2021-02-27
Deloitte(Senior) Consultant Quantum.Link Quantencomputing - The Garage (m/w/d) Germany2023-06-21
IQMQuantum Algorithm Engineer - Fermionic Simulation Spain2023-08-14
ClassiqQuantum Algorithm Developer Israel2022-01-08
QuandelaCustomer Engagement Manager France2023-09-18
SAPSenior Engineer (f/m/d) for Quantum Computing Germany2021-07-27
Quantum Technologies Laboratories GMBHOnline content creator/editor Austria2023-01-28
TOPTICA PhotonicsApplication Scientist Quantum Technologies Germany2023-07-15
Quantum MotionResearch Software Engineer United Kingdom2023-06-21
QuandelaQuantum Algorithms Scientist France2023-05-25
ClassiqTechnical Marketing Manager - Quantum Computing Remote2021-12-04
Zurich InstrumentsProduction Technician (100%) Switzerland2022-11-17
Qnami(Senior) Industrialization Engineer (m/w/d) Switzerland2023-08-07
QuandelaJoint Postdoctoral Researcher Position in Quantum Error Correction France2023-07-18
QbloxRTL verification engineer Netherlands2023-03-30
IQMSenior Quantum Engineer, Experiments (m/w/d) Finland2021-04-18
QbloxProduct Compliance Specialist Netherlands2023-09-15
Quantum MotionIC Validation and Modelling Engineer United Kingdom2023-05-17
CapgeminiQuantum Manager || 9 to 12 Years || Bangalore India2023-09-13
QuantagoniaQuantum Software Engineer (m/w/d) Germany2023-05-27
AirbusApprentice in quantum machine learning and quantum optimization (f/h) France2023-02-28
Quantum MotionQuantum Engineer United Kingdom2023-04-05
Quantum MotionManagement Accountant/Analyst United Kingdom2023-02-18
Zurich InstrumentsScientific Account Manager Quantum Technology Switzerland2023-07-28
AccentureFederal - Quantum Photonics Engineer USA2023-07-18
QruiseQuantum DevOps Engineer Germany2022-11-19
Alice&BobMeasurements & Instrumentation Technician France2023-06-15
ClassiqSenior Frontend Engineer Israel2022-01-08
Zurich InstrumentsSenior Technical Sales - USA USA2022-12-23
Zurich InstrumentsProduction Engineer Switzerland2023-01-24
Zurich InstrumentsApplication Scientist Research Collaboration Projects Switzerland2023-07-14
LIGENTECFR – Accounting & Grant Support (Job ID 2307-OA) France2023-05-30
AQTUnsolicited application / Initiativbewerbung Austria2020-11-19
Quantum Technologies Laboratories GMBHDesigner/technical draftsman (m/f/d) Austria2023-01-28
AnaqorExperienced Quantum Software Engineer / Quantum Data Scientist (m/f/d) for d // Erfahrener Quantum Software Engineer / Quantum Data Scientist (m/w/d) für d Germany2023-08-17
Multiverse ComputingBusiness Development / technical sales representative Germany2023-08-31
PasqalLead Quantum Machine Learning Developer - W/M Netherlands2023-05-21
IQMQuantum Algorithm Engineer - Fermionic Simulation Finland2023-08-14
LIGENTECFabrication Engineer - Integrated Photonics, Nanoengineering (ID 2328) Switzerland2023-09-06
QuantrolOx LtdApplied Researcher United Kingdom2022-05-18
Alice&BobQuantum Instrumentation System Engineer France2023-06-16
Single QuantumOpen Application Netherlands2022-08-02
Alice&BobQuantum Algorithms Developer France2023-04-17
Oxford Quantum CircuitsCAD / Engineer United Kingdom2021-02-20
Zurich InstrumentsApplication Scientist Quantum Computing China China2019-07-16
QuantWareFinancial administrator // Financieel Administratief Medewerker Netherlands2023-09-06
Quantum MotionQuantum Software Engineer United Kingdom2023-08-11
TOPTICA PhotonicsR&D Team Manager Quantum Technologies Germany2023-06-21
Zurich InstrumentsHead of Sales EMEA Switzerland2023-02-17
Quantum MotionSoftware Engineer (Infrastructure) United Kingdom2023-07-19
Quantum MotionSuperconducting Design & Test Engineer United Kingdom2023-08-11
LIGENTECFR – Technicien(ne) de Production Photonique (Job ID 2303-OA) France2023-06-30
Alice&BobIT technician level I and II // Technicien(ne) Informatique niveau I et II France2023-08-25
QuantWareQuantum Design Engineer Netherlands2023-04-14
PasqalQuantum Graph Machine Learning Lead, Full time, Onsite – Massy, France France2023-06-10
RocheSenior Scientist, Computer-Aided Drug Design (CADD) China2023-08-25
DLRPhysicist, Computer Scientist or Mathematician Germany2023-08-14
KiutraTechnician for Production (f/m/d) in part or full time Germany2023-02-18
QbloxHead of Engineering Netherlands2023-03-22
QruiseSenior Scientific Python Developer Germany2022-07-03
QuiX QuantumHead of Quantum Architecture Netherlands2022-08-09
Zurich InstrumentsField Application Engineer - Quantum Technology Field/필드 어플리케이션 엔지니어 – 양자 기술 분야 South Korea2021-12-15
Quantum MotionSenior Analog IC Design Engineer United Kingdom2023-02-18
ParityQCCommercial Assistant Germany2023-06-13
Quantum MotionStaff RF IC Design Engineer United Kingdom2023-02-18
AnaqorExperienced Full Stack Developer (m/f/d) for innovative Quantum Service Plat // Erfahrener Full Stack Developer (m/w/d) für innovative Quantum Service Plat Germany2023-08-17
Zurich InstrumentsApplication Engineer - China China2020-01-22
LIGENTECProcess Technician Switzerland2023-08-30
IQMOpen application Spain2023-08-25
Alice&BobSoftware Engineering Manager France2023-07-28
IQMOpen application France2023-08-25
PasqalMid-Senior Quantum Hardware Engineer (W/M) France2023-05-24
QuiX QuantumControl Systems Developer Netherlands2023-03-29
PasqalGeneral Application for Future France Opportunities France2023-08-14
PasqalQuantum Algorithm Developer Netherlands2023-08-09
IQMTech Lead, Hardware Product Development Finland2023-06-01
Zurich InstrumentsTechnical Sales - China China2020-01-22
QILIMANJARO QUANTUM TECHQuantum Software Engineer Spain2023-09-21
RiverlaneSenior Digital Design Engineer United Kingdom2023-09-15
QphoXSenior Business Developer Netherlands2021-05-15
IQMQuantum Engineer, Device Design Germany2022-04-08
nextnanoSales and Marketing Specialist Germany2023-08-17
QbloxQuantum Success Engineer Netherlands2023-01-04
QnamiSemiconductor Business Development Manager (m/w/d) Switzerland2023-08-07
EvidenLead Hardware Architect HPC (H/F) France2023-04-27
ParityQCQuantum Compiler Developer Austria2022-12-09
KETS Quantum SecuritySenior / Integrated Photonics Engineer United Kingdom2023-09-15
QruiseQuantum Engineer - Control Electronics (remote-ish) Germany2023-09-27
Zurich InstrumentsSpontaneous applications Switzerland2021-01-13
DLRPhysicist, Mathematician, Engineer or similar (f/m/x) Germany2023-07-04
Zurich InstrumentsApplication Scientist (Physics, EE) - China China2020-01-22
eleQtronSimulation Engineer (ion trap designer) Germany2022-12-23
nextnanoResearcher Germany2023-08-17
DLRPhysicist, Mathematician (f/m/x) Germany2023-06-29
QphoXMeasurement Systems Engineer Netherlands2021-05-15
IQMQuantum Error Correction Engineer France
eleQtronSoftware Engineer, Hardware Control software Germany2022-12-23
QruiseNMR Control Physicist for MRI applications (remote-ish) Germany2023-09-27
Zurich Instrumentsproduction engineer Switzerland2021-11-24
QbloxRoadmap leader - HPC Quantum Netherlands2023-09-26
EvidenHPC Software Consultant Sweden2023-09-08
Zurich InstrumentsTechnical Sales Switzerland2023-02-25
IQMPatent engineer Finland
Alice&BobComputational Physicist France2023-01-12
Alice&BobNanofabrication Teamleader France2023-08-21
Alice&BobIT Technician for support level 1 and 2 France2023-08-25
Quantum FuturesAMO Physicist USA2023-09-05
Alice&BobSenior Quantum Algorithms Developer France2023-01-12
QphoXDesign Engineer (F/M/D) Netherlands2023-09-26
QuantWareChief Operating Officer Netherlands2023-07-28
QILIMANJARO QUANTUM TECHQuantum Hardware Engineer - Automatic Flux Calibration Spain2023-09-21
PasqalGeneral Application for Future London UK Opportunities UK2023-08-04
Multiverse ComputingBusiness Development Manager Canada2023-08-17
IQMNorth America Country Manager - New Region Business Development USA2023-06-15
ParityQCBackend Software Engineer Austria2023-06-26
CreotechProject Engineer / Architect Poland2023-02-11
Zurich InstrumentsApplication Engineer (Physics, EE) - South Korea South Korea2022-02-23
QuantWareSoftware Engineer Netherlands2023-08-28
Nu QuantumSoftware Engineer United Kingdom2023-09-08
Multiverse ComputingBusiness Development / technical sales representative United Kingdom2023-09-11
Single QuantumProcess Engineer Netherlands2023-09-05
AlgorithmiqInformation Technology Specialist Finland2023-09-08
QruiseScientific Software Developer - Finite Element Modelling (remote-ish) Germany2023-09-27
RiverlaneDigital Design Engineer United Kingdom2023-09-15
PasqalGeneral Application For Future PASQAL USA Opportunities USA2023-09-15
ParityQCQuantum Use-Case Developer Austria2022-12-09
Alice&BobIT Manager France2023-06-20
PasqalSenior Quantum Generative Modelling & Sampling - W/M Netherlands2023-05-13
Alice&BobSoftware Engineer - Quantum Experimentation Framework France2023-06-15
ClassiqFreelance UX/UI Designer Israel2023-08-03
LIGENTECProcess Engineer - Integrated Photonics (ID 2329) Switzerland2023-09-09
E.ONQuantum Computing & ML Engineer (f/m/d) - Energy Intelligence - Expert Services Germany2022-08-30
TOPTICA PhotonicsQuantum Application Ambassador (m/f/d) USA2022-12-16
KiutraUnsolicited Application for Students (f/m/d) and Professionals (f/m/d) Germany2023-02-18
Alice&BobPhysical measurement and instrumentation technician // Technicien mesures physiques et instrumentation France2023-06-15
QuantrolOx LtdMachine Learning Engineer Finland2022-12-16
QbloxApplication Scientist - NV centers/ Trapped ions Netherlands2022-12-13
QuantagoniaCompiler Engineer (m/f/x) Germany2023-07-07
SAPDeveloper (f/m/d) Applied Research on Quantum Optimization Germany2022-04-07
ClassiqSenior DevOps Engineer Israel2022-01-08
DLRPhysicist Quantum Information Processing (f/m/x) Germany2023-09-04
Oxford Quantum CircuitsSupply Chain Manager United Kingdom2023-09-19
Alice&BobQuantum Theoretical Physicist France2022-08-02
Quantum FuturesQuantum Applications Engineer Germany2023-09-18
Menlo SystemsSystems Engineer for optoelectronic systems Germany2023-02-02
Single QuantumProcess Engineer Netherlands2023-09-04
QuantrolOx LtdSoftware Engineer – Data engineering Finland2022-12-16
IQMOpen application Finland2021-09-16
Deloitte(Senior) Consultant - Banking - Technology Strategy (m/w/d) Germany2023-01-10
QphoXQuantum Scientist/Engineer Netherlands2022-04-30
ParityQCQuantum Optimization Engineer Germany2022-12-09
DLRPhysics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or similar (f/m/x) Germany2023-04-28
LIGENTECFR – Senior Photonic Design Engineer (Job ID 2326-DE) France2023-08-25
PasqalQuantum Algorithm Expert - W/M Netherlands2023-05-16
DLRQuantum Physicist, Quantum Engineer or similar (f/m/x) Germany2023-09-08
IQMLab Coordinator (m/w/d) Germany2023-07-21
ParityQCQuantum Error Correction Engineer Austria2023-06-26
TOPTICA PhotonicsLaser Production Engineer (m/f/d) USA2022-12-16
Multiverse ComputingTalent Acquisition Officer Spain2023-09-05
QuandelaTechnical Writer France2023-08-29
QuandelaPIC Engineer France2022-03-04
eleQtronIon Trap Engineer (Operation) Germany2022-12-23
KETS Quantum SecurityEngineering Director United Kingdom2023-09-08
QuICScientific/communications specialist in physics, quantum physics, quantum technology or public relations (23-306-QTZ) Germany2023-09-21
Zurich InstrumentsApplication Scientist Quantum Technologies - USA USA2022-12-24
nextnanoBusiness Development Specialist Germany2023-08-17
QruiseScientific / Technical Writer (remote-ish) Germany2022-09-11
TOPTICA PhotonicsPIC Scientist (m/f/d) USA2022-12-16
ParityQCQuantum Hardware Theorist Germany2022-12-09
CapgeminiSenior Consultant / Manager / Director en Technology (F/H France2022-12-26
DLRPhD Candidate Natural Sciences or similar (f/m/x) Germany2023-07-11
ParityQCCommercial employee for the administration department // Kaufmnnische Mitarbeiter/in fr den Bereich Verwaltung Austria2023-08-16
LIGENTECCustomer Project Manager / Integrated Photonics (ID 2331CP) Switzerland2023-09-11
Alice&BobQuantum Instrumentation System Engineer France2023-06-15
PasqalGeneral Application for Future Canada Opportunities Canada2023-08-28
Quantum FuturesPhotonic Integrated Circuit Engineer USA2023-09-18
Qubit PharmaceuticalsProject Manager France2022-12-23
Qubit PharmaceuticalsSenior Researcher in Quantum Computing France2022-12-23
AccentureFederal - Quantum Security Strategy Analyst USA2023-07-18
IQMProject Manager (f/d/m) Germany2023-08-14
QuantWareFabrication Engineer Netherlands2023-09-07
AccentureQuantum Security Crypto-Agility Engineer Remote2023-09-16
AccentureQuantum Photonics Engineer USA2023-09-14
QruiseSoftware Engineer for AI and Quantum Computing (remote-ish) Germany2023-09-27
IQMQuantum Engineer, Experiments (m/w/d) Finland2023-09-05
Nu QuantumFPGA Engineer United Kingdom2023-09-08
KiutraProduction staff (f/m/d) part-time or full-time // Produktionsmitarbeiter (w/m/d) in Teil- oder Vollzeit Germany2023-08-17
ClassiqSenior Software Engineer Israel2022-04-30
Quantum MotionSenior Quantum Engineer United Kingdom2023-02-18
QphoXQuantum Hardware Fabrication Engineer Netherlands2021-05-15
CreotechQuantum Systems project coordinator // Koordynator projektów Quantum Systems Poland2023-08-18
EvidenHPC Software Consultant Sweden2023-09-08
Alice&BobNanofabrication Process Technician France2023-06-15
QbloxProduct Engineer (Dutch) Certificering & Compliance Netherlands2023-04-10
Multiverse ComputingSenior DevOps Engineer Spain2023-09-20
Quantum MotionPeople & Operations Assistant United Kingdom2023-05-17
LIGENTECCH – Test Technician (Job ID 2321-TT) Switzerland2023-07-31
PasqalBusiness Development Representative - Saudi Arabia - F/M Saudi Arabia2023-08-08
Alice&BobTechnicien / technicienne nanofabrication France2023-07-06
Multiverse ComputingBusiness Development/Technical Sales Representative Spain2023-09-15
DLRPhD, PostDoc and Nonscientific Staff in Quantum Computing Germany2022-09-13
QuiX QuantumPhotonics R&D Engineer Germany2023-09-21
QuiX QuantumJunior Developer Netherlands2023-03-29
PasqalTest and Performance Engineer (F/M) // Ingénieur Tests et Performances (F/H) France2023-08-28
Multiverse ComputingQuantum Software Engineer Spain2023-02-18
OrganizationPositionLinkLocationDate Added
Wallenberg Center for Quantum TechnologyPostdoc position in Quantum experiments with levitated microparticles Sweden2023-07-14
FraunhoferSpeculative application for the department Precision Optical Components and Systems (IOF-2022-54) Germany2022-09-30
Tu DelftPostDoc Position in Quantum Networks Netherlands2023-08-10
TNOCryptography & quantum application expert Netherlands2023-06-22
ICFOPost-doctoral position in the theory of quantum simulation Spain2023-04-26
Wallenberg Center for Quantum TechnologyPostdoc position - theory of quantum metal-organic frameworks Sweden2023-07-12
TNOCryptography & Quantum application expert | Eindhoven Netherlands2023-06-22
FraunhoferResearch Associate (m/f/d) Quantum ComputingThesis on the topic: Demonstrator development for Quantum Imaging Germany2022-03-22
ICFOPost-doctoral position in mixtures of quantum gases with tunable interactions Spain2023-08-24
University of CambridgeResearch Associate in RF measurements of Ge hole spin-based quantum dot qubits (Fixed Term) United Kingdom2023-08-24
ICFOPost-doctoral position in Solid-state quantum memories for Quantum Repeaters Spain2023-05-08
University of OuluPostdoctoral researcher in non-equilibrium theory of superconducting quantum device arrays Finland2023-08-18
FraunhoferResearcher Compiler Construction: Quantum Computing Germany2023-08-16
Forschungszentrum JülichPhD Position – Electronic system design and modeling for qubit initialization and readout in a scalable quantum architecture Germany2023-03-30
FraunhoferScientific Researcher for Quantum Communication Systems (IOF-2023-83) Germany2023-08-23
Wallenberg Center for Quantum TechnologyPostdoc in Quantum Information Science with Superconducting Circuits Sweden2023-05-30
Tu DelftPhD position in Quantum Network Architectures Netherlands2023-04-06
ICFOPost-doctoral position in quantum optics with hot atomic vapors Spain2022-08-25
Forschungszentrum JülichPostdoc in the domain of coherent spin shuttling for scaling semiconductor qubits Germany2023-02-02
SintefPhD Scholarship (3years) in Quantum Computing Applied to Industrial Optimization Problems Norway2022-10-29
ICFOPost-doctoral position in quantum technologies – Software for quantum processing Spain2023-04-17
Quantum Center ETH ZurichFabrication Engineer for Superconducting Quantum Circuits Switzerland2023-09-05
ICFOPost-doctoral position in theory of quantum simulators in the second Quantum Flagship era Spain2023-04-04
Quantum Center ETH ZurichPostdoc in integrated photonics for classical and quantum memories by nanoimprinting Switzerland2023-04-25
Tu DelftProgram Director Quantum Inspire Netherlands2023-04-12
Quantum Delta NetherlandsSenior International Programme Lead Netherlands2023-09-05
Tu DelftSoftware Engineer - Quantum application development tools Netherlands2023-03-17
Tu DelftPostdoc Position in Quantum Network Applications Netherlands2023-04-12
ICFOPost-doctoral and Research Engineer positions in quantum technologies Spain2023-07-24
FraunhoferSpeculative application for the department Opto-mechatronical Components and Systems (IOF-2022-56) Germany2022-08-10
ICFOPost-doctoral positions in quantum repeaters with solid-state quantum memories Spain2022-09-02
Tu DelftSoftware Engineer Quantum Networks Research - (Qlink) Netherlands2023-07-05
Forschungszentrum JülichPostdoc - Development of scalable superconducting quantum systems Germany2023-02-16
Wallenberg Center for Quantum TechnologyPostdoc position in Twisted 2D Topological Quantum Materials Heterostructure Sweden2023-09-14
Wallenberg Center for Quantum TechnologyPhD position: Quantum entanglement of levitated superconducting particles Sweden2023-06-26
CEAPostdoctoral position on the modeling of silicon/germanium spin qubits France2022-09-30
Tu DelftPhD Position in Quantum Network Systems Netherlands2023-04-06
Tu DelftPostdoc for generation of Orbital Angular Momentum using Artificial Intelligence for Quantum OCT Netherlands2023-06-05
University of OuluDoctoral Researcher in Quantum Software Engineering Finland2023-03-31
ICFOQuantum Technologies Business Developer Spain2023-04-22
ICFOTechnical Manager in Quantum Communication Spain2022-12-19
FraunhoferSpeculative application for the department Optical and Mechanical System Design (IOF-2022-55) Germany2022-08-10
Wallenberg Center for Quantum TechnologyPhD position in Quantum Information Science with Superconducting Circuits Sweden2023-09-23
ICFOPost-doctoral position in quantum technologies – Software for quantum communications Spain2023-07-31
CSICTFM: Design and fabrication of semiconductor spin qubits for quantum computing Spain2022-04-16
ICFOPost-doctoral position in quantum emitters and quantum technologies with two-dimensional materials Spain2022-12-23
FraunhoferSpeculative application in the field of imaging and sensing (IOF-2022-53) Germany2022-09-30
ICFOPost-doctoral position in Net-zero: Modelling of emerging electrolysis systems Spain2022-12-23
ICFOResearch Engineer position in quantum networks Spain2023-04-27
University of CambridgeResearch Assistant/Associate in Quantum Photonics (Fixed Term) United Kingdom2023-09-20
FraunhoferSpeculative application for the department of Micro- and Nanostructured Optics (IOF-2022-57) Germany2022-09-30
Quantum Center ETH ZurichPostdoc positions in Experimental Quantum Engineering group Switzerland2023-05-08
FraunhoferHead of Business Unit - Components of Quantum Technology Germany2023-07-13
CEADesign of optomechanical oscillators for quantum applications H/F France2023-08-07
Wallenberg Center for Quantum TechnologyPostdoctoral positions in Quantum Nanophotonics Sweden2023-04-05
Wallenberg Center for Quantum TechnologyPhD position in quantum thermodynamics (theory) Sweden2023-06-16
Tu DelftPhD Position Understanding the Quantum World in Quantum Technologies Netherlands2023-04-25
ICFOplaça de PhD position: Tensor and polynomial optimisation for quantum information networks CIDO Spain2023-07-19
Wallenberg Center for Quantum TechnologyPhD position in Inverse design of nanoresonators for quantum optomechanics Sweden2023-06-09
Tu DelftPostdoctoral Research Opportunity: Explore the Frontiers of Neuroimaging, Photonics, and Quantum Optics Netherlands2023-09-12
Tu DelftPhD Position 3D-IC for Quantum Computer Netherlands2023-08-09
Wallenberg Center for Quantum TechnologyPhD student position in Quantum advantage with continuous-variable architectures Sweden2023-04-12
Forschungszentrum JülichPostdoc – Control strategies and software for quantum-computing platforms Germany2023-08-01
FraunhoferResearch Associate for the Development of Optical Systems for Future Quantum Networks Germany2023-08-28
Tu DelftPhD Position Quantum Nanoscience Netherlands2023-05-24
ICFOPost-doctoral positions in quantum information processing using multi-level systems Spain2022-08-10
CEAEmerging & Secure Hardware Architectures for Post-Quantum Cryptography Applications H/F France2023-06-22
FraunhoferResearch Associate Quantum Imaging (IOF-2023-78) Germany2023-08-17
Tu DelftPhD Position Design for Values and RRI for Quantum Technologies Netherlands2023-04-25
Quantum Center ETH ZurichPostdoctoral Research Scientists in Superconducting Quantum Computing Switzerland2021-04-16
ICFOPost-doctoral position in the theory of quantum cryptography Spain2023-04-26
ICFOPost-doctoral position in quantum processing nodes using single rare-earth ions Spain2022-12-23
ICFOPost-doctoral position in RoHS compliant colloidal quantum dot photodetectors and image sensors Spain2023-07-22
ICFOResearch Engineer position in development of a quantum gas microscope for strontium atoms in optical lattices Spain2023-05-17
Wallenberg Center for Quantum TechnologyPhD positions in Quantum Nanophotonics Sweden2023-04-06
Forschungszentrum JülichPostdoc - Quantum-based Energy Systems Germany2023-08-08
FraunhoferResearch Associate for Post-Quantum Cryptography Germany2023-01-04
Tu DelftPostdoc position in Quantum Network Architectures Netherlands2023-04-12
ICFOPost-doctoral position in RoHS compliant colloidal quantum dot photodetectors and image sensors Spain2023-07-14
ICFOpost-doctoral position in quantum technologies - Software for quantum communications CIDO // plaça de Post-doctoral position in quantum technologies - Software for quantum communications CIDO Spain2023-08-03
Tu DelftSystems Software Engineer - Quantum Internet Netherlands2023-03-31
TNOScientist Cryptography & quantum application Netherlands2023-07-20
CSICFebruary 2022 - Postdoctoral position at the Quantum Computing Technology Group - IFAE and the Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona, IMB-CNM-CSIC Spain2022-03-25
Wallenberg Center for Quantum TechnologyPostdoc position in modelling and characterization of quantum computers Sweden2023-03-31
Forschungszentrum JülichPhD position From controlling quantum processors to variational quantum algorithms Germany2022-12-22
Forschungszentrum JülichPhD position - Optimal control theory for full-stack superconducting quantum processor Germany2022-09-13
TNOBusiness developer Quantum Technologie Defensie & Veiligheid | The Hague Netherlands2023-09-26
ICFOKTT Quantum Technologies Project Portfolio Manager Spain2023-04-05
Tu DelftPostdoc Position in Quantum Network Systems Netherlands2023-04-05
Wallenberg Center for Quantum TechnologyPostdoc in AI-driven optimization of variational algorithms for near-term Sweden2023-09-15
CSICQuantum Sensors for Ultralight Dark Matter Spain2021-08-05
Quantum Center ETH ZurichSoftware Engineer at ETHZ-PSI Quantum Computing Hub Switzerland2023-07-11
ICFOPost-doctoral position in next generation quantum simulators Spain2022-08-30
Forschungszentrum JülichPhD Position - Cryogenic CMOS for Quantum Computing Germany2023-05-13
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland LtdOpen application Finland2020-01-28
Tu DelftPhD position in theory of quantum transport Netherlands2023-05-22
ICFOPost-doctoral positions in QUANTERA MAQS (Magnetic Atoms Quantum Simulators) project and in ERC NOQIA (Nover Quantum Simulators) project Spain2023-07-31
Wallenberg Center for Quantum TechnologyPostdoc - quantum thermodynamics of electronic and hybrid devices (theory) Sweden2023-06-16
Tu DelftPostdoc in Quantum Nanomechanics Netherlands2023-02-28
ICFOPost-doctoral positions in theoretical many-body physics with quantum optical systems Spain2022-08-30
OrganizationPositionLinkLocationDate Added
QuandelaInternship: Fabrication and optimization of quantum light sources France2023-07-19
Wallenberg Center for Quantum TechnologyPhD student positions in Hybrid Quantum Systems Sweden2023-09-20
SAPIntern / Working student / Thesis student (f/m/d) - Research in Applied Quantum Machine learning Germany2023-05-31
Tu DelftPhD position in Combinatorial Optimisation for Quantum Computing Netherlands2023-03-31
Wallenberg Center for Quantum TechnologySummer internship in online temperature monitoring of a quantum computer cryostat Sweden2023-04-25
Quantum Technologies Laboratories GMBHPhD position - Quantum Optical Simulation (F/M/D) Austria2023-01-28
QuantagoniaWorking Student - Digital Marketing (m/f/x) Germany2023-07-25
Wallenberg Center for Quantum TechnologyPhD student position in Hybrid Quantum Systems Sweden2023-05-05
Qubit PharmaceuticalsQuantum Computing Internship (M/F) France2023-07-18
Quantum Center ETH ZurichPhD Students in Quantum Computing with Superconducting Circuits Switzerland2023-09-04
Tu DelftPhD position in experimental research on semiconductor quantum computing Netherlands2023-08-17
FraunhoferMaster thesis: Variational Quantum Algorithms for Quantum-Chemistry Calculations Germany2023-08-24
QuantagoniaInternship / Working Student - Quantum Algorithms & Applications (m/f/x) Germany2023-08-07
IQMInternships at IQM Germany
nextnanoWorking Student Germany2023-08-17
Alice&BobQuantum Software Developer Intern France2023-09-25
Tu DelftPhD Positions Photonic Circuits for Quantum Computer Netherlands2023-02-28
Wallenberg Center for Quantum TechnologyPhD student position in Tensor Networks for Quantum Dynamics and Quantum Algorithms Sweden2023-03-30
TNOInternship | Automated characterization of spin-qubit devices Netherlands2023-09-06
Wallenberg Center for Quantum TechnologyPhD student position in Variational Quantum Algorithms: potential and limitations Sweden2023-03-30
FraunhoferMaster Thesis in Quantum-Assisted Optimization Germany2023-05-25
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland LtdOpen application for student opportunities Finland2021-03-11
Forschungszentrum JülichBachelor/Master Student in the field of quantum technologies Germany2023-02-02
FraunhoferPhD. Position: Quantum Information Germany2023-08-17
Forschungszentrum JülichPhD position - Optimal control theory for full-stack superconducting quantum processor Germany2022-09-14
Tu DelftPhD Position Design for Values and Innovation for Quantum Technology Netherlands2023-06-05
TNOInternship | Quantum Algorithms | Distributed Quantum Computing Netherlands2023-06-01
ICFOUp to 10 PhD-positions available within the FLIGHT fellowship program (MSCA-COFUND action at ICFO) Spain2022-12-31
Alice&BobQuantum technical blueprint - internship France2023-06-25
Constructor Operations AGPhD Student, Quantum Computing Switzerland2023-09-12
Wallenberg Center for Quantum TechnologyWACQT Summer Intern on Automatic Calibration of a Quantum Processor Sweden2023-04-26
LIGENTECCH – Intern Characterization (Job ID 2309-IT) Switzerland2023-02-28
SAPWorking Student (f/m/d) - Applied Research On Quantum Optimization Germany2023-06-01
QuantagoniaWorking Student - Mathematical Optimization Modeling & Implementation (m/f/x) Germany2023-08-10
TNOTNO Trainee Programme, starting 1 February 2024 Netherlands2023-09-11
Tu DelftPhD Position in Quantum Networks Netherlands2023-09-04
ICFOInternships for Undergraduate &Masters Students Fall2022 Spain2022-10-04
nextnanoInternship Germany2023-08-17
Constructor Operations AGPhD Student in Software Engineering for Quantum Computing Switzerland2023-06-26
QuantagoniaWorking Student - Founders Associate (m/f/x) Germany2023-08-07
Wallenberg Center for Quantum TechnologyPhD Student Position in Quantum Chemistry Sweden2023-05-29
Tu DelftPhD Position in Quantum Networks Netherlands2023-08-10
Alice&BobFinancial Plan & Analysis Intern France2023-09-25
TNOInternship | Master Thesis Intern at TNO Applied Crypto and Quantum Algorithms Netherlands2022-09-20
Wallenberg Center for Quantum TechnologyPhD position in Quantum Information Science with Superconducting Circuits Sweden2023-09-22
TNOInternship | Fabricating and characterizing InAs/Al hybrid devices for topological qubits Netherlands2023-09-01
FraunhoferStudent Assistants* Photonics Germany2023-01-01
QuantagoniaWorking Student - Quantum Algorithms & Applications (m/f/x) Germany2023-08-07

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